Free Island Activities


(World renowned. Some of the best in the Bahamas, there are dozens of fantastic spots within a few miles of the house that require no boat.)



Numerous other totally private and amazing beaches great for any number of activities. Eluethera has some of the most beautiful and unspoiled (i.e. unpopulated) beaches you will find anywhere. Some of our personal and/or guest favorites include:

Ten Bay Beach

What we lovingly refer to as “sand dollar beach,” this is beach is a go-to for our out family. We started visiting this beach for picnic lunches since our grandkids were little and continue to go since there is so much to do.

Located on the Caribbean side of the island, this bath-water calm bay is wonderful for parental relaxation while young children splash and build sand castles. Shelling is wonderful but the best thing is that you can wade out in the shallow waters and search for sand dollars with your feet (the sit right below the sand.) Bring your goggles and let the kids dive down and pick them up. Take a few home as a reminder of your perfect time on this beach.

French Leave Beach

French Leave Beach is another one of our family favorites due to its long, flat gorgeous pink sandy beach. On the Atlantic side of the island it can be a bit rough but visit it on a calm day and snorkel out to some of the rocks located on the southern end of the beach.

This beach has been the location of several movies including Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married 2” and “Fools Gold.” Once you visit this location, you will know why it is a Hollywood favorite!

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

Described as a “Beautiful Oasis,” this nature sanctuary highlights native plants and explains the importance of these plants to the Bahamian people. Fun and easy trails take you through over 20 acres containing approximately 300 different kinds of plants as you read about the 70 different bird species who live in the preserve.

One visitor described it as “One of my best visits to the area, I highly recommend it if you enjoy nature!”

Harbour Island

“One of the most beautiful beaches we’ve been to!” Harbour Island lies off the northern trip of Eleuthera past the North Eleuthera airport. Accessible only by ferry, rent a golf cart and visit the amazingly beautiful, long pink sand beaches that stretch along its eastern shore. Little shops, bars and restaurants are scattered throughout the island making this a fun day trip destination.

Friday Night Fish Fry

It’s said, “Everyone Goes to the Fish Fry…” For good food, fun and great Caribbean music, the Govenors Harbour Friday night fish fry is an event not to be missed. A favorite of both locals and visitors alike, food vendors sell their specialties while a live band plays for dancing. Fun for kids and adults alike, this has become a guest favorite.

Glass Bottom Bridge

Described as “Stunning Beyond Belief” and “WOW” this fairly narrow bridge has some of the most breathtaking views.  This bridge provides the unique opportunity to view the dark blue swell of the Atlantic Ocean AND the turquoise clear water of the Caribbean Sea at the same time. Worth a visit, it is a treasured landmark providing a perspective that most people will never experience.