In House Chefs

Cooking three meals a day for 10-16 people…are you KIDDING me?

When you’re in paradise, you don’t have time to cook! Lucky for you, we’ve created a multitude of options to fit all your dining needs, and that includes your very own chef!


Bahamian Style Cooking

After one evening with Beryl, you’re going to want to take her home when you leave (she’s not available by the way).

Beryl’s been around cooking her entire life and learned most of it from her mother who runs a restaurant in Tarpum Bay and used to cook for the Royal Family. Below are the meal options Beryl offers. We’ve also included a menu of some of Beryl’s more popular dishes. If you’re looking for great Bahamian style cooking, look no further. We’ve also included a smattering of our families’ favorites.


Robert Flippo, Boca Raton, FL


BJ & Jeri Ward, Dalhart, TX

Beryl’s Amazing Breakfast

Beryl will come at 8:30am (or a time specified by you), prepare breakfast of your choice, serve and clean up.

Breakfast & Lunch

Not only will Beryl come in and make you an amazing breakfast but at the same time she’ll prepare a delicious lunch for you which Beryl will leave for you to enjoy later in the day.

Evening Meal

Beryl and one of her assistants will arrive in the late afternoon to prepare a lovely evening meal. To enhance your meal, we have a selection of fine wines to choose from. After enjoying your meal, help yourself to another glass while Beryl takes care of the cleaning for you.

Have All Three!

Beryl will arrive in the morning and prepare breakfast and lunch at the same time. She will serve breakfast, clean up and leave the lunch for you to enjoy at your convenience. Beryl will return in the late afternoon, prepare dinner, serve and clean up. The above price is only available if you get all three meals within the space of a single day.

Download a PDF of Beryl’s Cooking Options and Pricing

* Wine costs extra
* Cost of food and gratuity not included in prices
* Menu’s must be planned in advance. Please contact Beryl before arriving (when you book your stay, her contact info will be sent to you)

Chef Pascal

5 Course Gourmet Meal

Imagine having a gourmet five course meal cooked right at home by your own personal culinary master.

It’s just like that TV show, Take Home Chef…only better. In our version, you get to enjoy your meal in a Bahamas beach house wearing shorts and a t-shirt (no shoes required.)

We fell in love with Pascal and his cooking when we first visited the island. Surprised there was a classically trained chef on our little island who could cook eye rolling, drop dead delicious meals, we started eating at his restaurant at least once during every one of our visits. Eventually we started begging him to come cook at the house…eventually he caved!

We have him cook at least one meal for us and its our “adult night” because he serves the kids downstairs and we raid the wine cellar. Just ask him to cook 2 desserts for each person; trust me when I tell you that if you don’t, you will wish you had!

5 Course Gourmet Meal

Pascal (the head chef at Pascal’s Caribbean Fusion Restaurant) will come to the house and cook your group a mouth watering 5-course gourmet meal. We have him cook at least once during our stay and I guarantee if you choose to do the same thing you will not be disappointed! We’ll put you in touch with Pascal and together you’ll plan a unique menu consisting of:

  • An Appetizer
  • Salad
  • Soup
  • 2 Choices of Entrées
  • Dessert (or Desserts if you like 2 desserts like we do.)

This meal option costs $75 per person plus tip. Additionally… because your meal is designed just for your group, please contact him at least 30 days before your arrival.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact Pascal if you are interested.

Gourmet Pizza
(w/ wine if desired.)

Fine Wine & Gourmet Pizza

Yum! Yum! Yum! That is all we kept saying the first time we tasted Pascal’s gourmet pizzas.

Pascal will come to the house and prepare several of his amazing hand crafted gourmet pizzas for you and your group. Again, there are no pre-packaged options here. You’ll organize your pizza toppings in advance with Pascal. Topping range anywhere from the luxurious anchovy, capers and goat cheese to the more island inspired jerk chicken or shrimp.

This meal option starts at $30 per person plus tip. Again, because your meal is designed just for your group, please contact him at least 30 days before your arrival.

If you really want to enjoy Pascal’s pizza night like our family does, raid our homes wide variety of wine.

Contact Pascal