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Ocean Expeditions

We’ve mentioned this before, but it still remains true.  When visiting the Bahamas, it’s an absolute sin not to spend time in the water.  Whether you’re enjoying an afternoon of deep sea fishing or exploring the gorgeous underwater landscape in your SCUBA gear, it’s a unique experience that doesn’t come around every day.  It’s like something right off of a post card.

Recently we’ve teamed up with a Al Curry, the owner of Ocean Fox Cotton Bay and we’re now offering a variety of SCUBA and fishing activities to our visitors.

Most of Al’s packages can be customized to fit your needs but here are just some of the activity packages that you can expect:

SCUBA Diving Package:

This package starts with a 2-hour primer on all the basics of SCUBA equipment and the physics of the dive.  The training is conveniently done poolside right at the house.  After the training is complete, you will then be treated to a SCUBA dive that explores the gorgeous reef right off the beach in back of the house.  This package is available for a maximum of 6 people 12 years of age and up.   Once you’ve undergone the training part of this package, you can then enjoy more SCUBA packages later in the week without the need to go through the training exercises again.

Deep Sea Fishing:

The Bahamas is a prime spot when it comes to deep sea fishing.  There are numerous fishing tournaments held in the Bahamas every year and there’s definitely a reason for that…the fishing here is remarkable!  There are two main fishing packages available – full day and half day.  You will be treated to a fishing excursion on a modern fishing boat with all the equipment you’ll need.  Rods, reels, bait, ice and a captain and mate are all provided for you on this trip.  For full day excursions, lunch will be arranged for you (perhaps fresh conch salad?).  There’s also loads of cooler space just in case you’d like to bring your own refreshments.

Fish & Dive:

For those who just can’t decide, this package is for you.  In this package, you get to spend a half-day fishing and the other half SCUBA diving and exploring the ocean.  Without a doubt, this is the ideal package to fully experience the Bahamian waters.

To get more information or to arrange a fishing or diving excursion, please visit:

http://oceanfoxcottonbay.com or email Al at al@oceanfoxcottonbay.com


Also, Al maintains a blog with tons of pictures and videos that are better seen than described: