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Cooking three meals a day for 10-16 people….are you KIDDING me? We have created a multitude of options to fit everyone’s needs. Our family always mix and matches the options listed below and I have even been known to cook a meal myself (hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill counts, right?)



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Beryl will come at 8:30am (or a time specified by you), prepare breakfast of your choice, serve and clean up. At the same time, Beryl will prepare your lunch which Earlene will serve at your determined time and clean up before she leaves for the day. Beryl and server will come back late afternoon cook, serve and clean up dinner. You can have this service daily or just a few of the days while you are here. You will coordinate your meals with Beryl via email prior to your arrival.

* $125.00 per day plus the cost of the food plus tip.

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Beryl will come in one meal a day, cook and clean up.

8 People and Under:

  • Breakfast – $90.00
  • Lunch –$ 80.00
  • Dinner – $150.00
  • All 3 meals -$280.00

Over 8 People

  • Breakfast –$95.00
  • Lunch – $90.00
  • Dinner – $175.00
  • All 3 meals – $325.00

Please remember that the kitchen is fully stocked. During our family stays, we always make waffles at least a couple of times on our double-sided, commerical-grade waffle maker, cook fish on the grill at least once and bake brownies at least once…or twice…okay, okay, maybe 10-12 times. A definite must during your stay is Ms. Barbara’s homemade cinnamon buns…trust me when I tell you “they are to die for” . Tell Peter the day before and Ms. Barbara will make them first thing next morning and Peter will bring them. Order extra as they freeze great. Ms. Barbara’s homemade conch salad, lobster salad and BBQ chicken and ribs are also our favorites….to be truthful Ms. Barbara prepares alot of take out when we are here.

As all of our guests have written “Just go ahead and have Beryl cook all meals while you are here. Fantastic” Not only are her meals of the local crusine exceptional which includes local fresh lobster on the grill, but her Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas with Gooey Jack Cheese, Mustard Roasted Fish, Truffled Lobster Rissoto and Bananas Flambee would make you think you were at a Five Star Restaurant in New York rather then in Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera.

Recommended Restaurants:

There are numerous small local restaurants on the island. Honestly, we have not tried all of them but here are a few our family regularly visits and highly recommends.


Home of the famous (in our family anyway) Lobster Shrimp Pizza. This is our family’s favorite restaurant on the island and is located in Governors Harbour. The food is EXCELLENT with items from pizza to items I would challenge to be served in the finest restaurants. There is no set menu, although we have never been there when they are not serving the Lobster Shrimp Pizza. Bon Appetit magazine, September 2009 agrees with my daughter’s love of the lobster pizza. “Bahamas…..forget the high-rises on New Providence go to the less-populated out Islands …. A range that includes the still-sleepy Eleuthera … are suddenly in. Tippy’s you will find some of the Island’s best food…….but the lobster pizza is a must, as is the signature Tippy’s Sunshine cocktail…….” The menu ranges from pizza to pasta to fresh fish.

The restaurant is located right on the beach and for lunch is extremely casual. If you eat lunch in the restaurant, we would recommend bringing your beach gear to enjoy the beach. During dinner, the menu changes as does the dress code. They are open for lunch and dinner.


The Beach House Tapas & Wine Bar sits right on Eleuthera’s world famous pink sand beach. Both locals and tourists alike frequent the Beach House not only for it’s fantastic scenery but also for its mouth watering tapas and appetizers. You’ll especially want to try their beer battered onion rings (which are to die for). They also serve the best bruschetta we’ve ever had.


The Sunset Inn is a great place for good local fresh food at a reasonable price. They are on the water in Governors Harbour. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Mate and Jenny’s is a great pizza restaurant and a great place to take the kids and groups. The Pizza dough is hand made very day and provides fresh ingredients which are unsurpassed since the restaurant is owned by the same family which owns the nursery. Mate and Jenny’s offer a conch pizza which is one of our favorites. The conch pizza is in limited supply so we recommend calling ahead a few days prior to secure this delicious offering.


Barbie’s Place, is the place to go for BBQ, take out and excellent local fresh food. Ms. Barbara and her husband, Peter, oversee Five Palms and have created a take-out menu just for guests of the Five Palms. Our family always takes advantage of Ms. Barbara’s barbecue night (ask Peter when it is) and order enough for leftover. The cole slaw has ‘kick” so if you want it mild, please let Barbara know. Also, our family always secures any conch made by Ms. Barbara. Her conch chowder, conch fritters and grouper sandwiches make our family’s mouth water. They are not to be missed. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Note: (most of these options must be booked prior to arrival)