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Kids Activities

One of the main things we like to pride ourselves in is that our house is very kid friendly.  Having grandchildren that visit the house often, we understand the need to keep them entertained.

With that in mind, we’re now putting together activities that are geared specifically towards kids.  We’ve built these packages from the ground up with kids in mind to make sure they thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Below is our list of kids’ specific activities:

Snorkel Training and Shallow Water Snorkeling:

In this package kids learn the basics of snorkeling.  They start out with a one hour lesson in the pool at the front of the house.  Flipper (who you can learn more about HERE), will walk the kids through the proper use of snorkeling equipment as well as the safety precautions.  After the initial hour of training, Flipper then takes the kids out to the back of the house for a 1-2 hour snorkeling adventure in the shallow water.  This package is limited to 1-4 kids at a time.  Also, once the initial training phase has been done, kids can go out again with Flipper later during you stay without needing to go through the training again.  The price for this package is $150.

Visit the Contact Us page to book this package.

Kids Scuba Package (Ages 12 and Up):

This package is a one of our Ocean Expeditions packages (which you can read more about HERE).  This package starts with a 2-hour primer on all the basics of SCUBA equipment and the physics of the dive.  The training is conveniently done poolside right at the house.  After the training is complete, the kids will then be treated to a SCUBA dive (no more than 40 feet) that explores the gorgeous reef right off the beach in back of the house.  This package is available for a maximum of 6 people 12 years of age and up.   Once the kids have undergone the training part of this package, they can then enjoy more SCUBA packages later in the week without the need to go through the training exercises again.