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An Afternoon With Flipper

When visiting Eleuthera, you absolutely must plan on spending some time in the water.  One of the biggest attractions that is not publicized enough is the majestic beauty of the underwater seascape.  You’ve heard of how crystal clear the waters are and how white (or pink) the beaches are.  However, just a few feet off the beach there’s an entirely different view that’s a world unto itself.  If you don’t get underwater, you’ve missed out on a truly unique Bahamian experience.

After many requests about underwater excursions, we’ve recently partnered with a good friend of ours to provide snorkeling and spearfishing tours.  Whether you are interested in just an hour of adventuring through the underwater vistas or you’d like to spend an entire afternoon learning how to catch, clean and prepare your dinner we can provide this unique Bahamian experience to you.

Our dear friend Flipper has agreed to provide our guests with an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.  Living up to her name, Flipper has been in this industry for years as an expert swimmer and free diver who is also certified in scuba diving and CPR.  Flipper knows the underwater world around Eleuthera like the back of her hand and you couldn’t ask for a finer underwater tour guide.

Imagine our surprise when Flipper first introduced us to the gorgeous scenery right off the beach behind the house.  We never thought we could have an experience like that without having to catch one of those overcrowded dive boats.

Flipper offers many different packages to cater to all your needs.  Here are just a few:

  • Snorkeling
  • Conching
  • Spearfishing

Each of the above options comes with a training session in which Flipper goes through all the basics and safety procedures before embarking on your journey.

Also available are lunch and dinner packages in which Flipper will bring a lunch of stone crabs or alternatively, she’ll show you how to clean and prepare any conch or other fish you may catch while spearfishing.

Flipper customizes all her packages to suit your group depending on the size of the group and how long you’d like to stay out.  Flipper’s availability is extremely limited so you’ll want to book as soon as possible.  For more information, please use the form or phone numbers on the “Contact Us” page to book your day of adventure.  Alternatively, you can contact Flipper directly by emailing her at flippa28@gmail.com